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  2. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta…140 miles 1st day

    Damn it feels good to be a gangsta…140 miles 1st day

  3. The most dramatic video of what Forester does that I have ever seen…quite moving and corny at the same time

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Barging across the lake #maine #mooseheadlake #sugarisland #islandlogging


    Barging across the lake #maine #mooseheadlake #sugarisland #islandlogging

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    Western Juniper — Bringing People Together to Create Jobs and Solve Problems

    The Western Juniper Utilization Group, a partnership among many public, private and non-profit entities, including the BLM, has produced a video telling the story of Western juniper from an ecological, economic and social perspective.  The ultimate purpose of this juniper workgroup is to foster a consistent juniper communication network to develop supply chains, leverage investments and unlock opportunities associated with rangeland restoration and juniper removal.  

    The BLM manages 21.5 million acres of juniper and pinyon/ juniper woodlands, more than any other agency. This includes 1.6 million acres of Western Juniper found primarily in Oregon and Northern California.  

    For more information, please visit: http://bit.ly/1ANEQXf 

    -Zach Peterson

    I’m jumping for juniper right now

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  6. Sunday on the muddy Ohio

  7. Edward M. Gatliff Memorial Bridge - stone covered closed spandrel arch bridge

    Built in 1954 by the Dawson Bridge Company it spans the Cumberland River connecting McCreary Co. and Whitely Co. Ky

    I drove over it three times…yehaaaaa!

  8. Rafting and Kayaking on the Cumberland River McCreary Co. Kentucky

  9. USDA ruling gives forest goods preference

    Cross Laminated Timber anyone?

  10. These environmentalists don't see forest for the trees


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